Hump Day AND Hope Day


Yesterday I woke up very early and as I laid there, I realized it was Wednesday and I started to imagine how my former co-workers would be greeting each other: “Happy Hump Day”. Then I watched  a news clip (click on the link below) that made me think about what hump day means. Happy Hump Day usually means “I hate this job….but Wednesday is halfway through the week which means it’s close to Friday (and payday) and I won’t have to come back here for two days.” We use it as a buffer that will help us rethink slapping the taste out of our supervisors’ mouth (we’ve all had those moments)…a bridge that will carry us to the weekend with our paychecks still intact. And make no mistake, anything that gets us to the end of the week is a good thing but I say we add something else to that whole mindset….I say we add hope to our hump… I hope the hard work I put in so far this week is being noticed. I hope my actions this week, take me to where I want to be next week.

I hope.

Those of you who know me are probably muttering under your breath right now…she’s retired… its so easy for her to wax poetic about getting through a work week. True. But after seeing this news clip I realized just how much hope trumps hump for everybody. With hope firmly tucked in our mindsets, we have a much better chance of getting through all the weeks of our lives in ways that please us and those around us.

Hope is what I saw in this clip; I hope you see it too.