One never knows….do one?! ~ Fats Waller~

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Wow!  Who would have thunk it.  This time two weeks ago, I was sitting in the offices of Jay Z’s Life + Times in a production meeting still dazed by my luck; out of almost 400 entries, I had been chosen as  grand prize winner of a contest to be an intern for his online channel.  Thinking about it now, it wasn’t luck at all.  It was my love for the written word and my belief in self-definition that caused my entry to be selected and it’s that same love and belief that brings me here today.

The thing is though at this moment, I’m not sure of what to write.  Not being able to come up with something is part fear, part procrastination and part shock. The fear and the procrastination are my issues to get through but if you look at the cover page of my blog you will be able understand why  I’m still in a state of semi-shock…everything you see there happened within a three week period.  No excuses….just an explanation for the shock portion of this dilemma.

A dear friend advised me not to force anything and also reminded me that I’ve written before and posting things I’ve written before is  a good way to introduce myself.

So while I sort through my personal issues and the whirlwind events that have filled my recent weeks, allow me to introduce my alter ego Miss  Peaches; this is her take on the Jay Z/Eminem concert at Yankee Stadium.

UpDate:Home @ Home….Yankee Stadium

One of my sons recently thanked me for including the likes of Aretha Franklin (Amazing Grace), Stevie Wonder (Songs in the Key of Life) and Bill Withers (Best of Bill Withers) in the soundtrack of his teenage days. Him thanking me like that made  me realize that while he appreciated the music back then…he has grown to respect it now. Classics!

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So it is with this in mind that I suggest that you gather up all the people you can find who were lucky enough to go to the Home to Home concert in Yankee Stadium featuring Jay-Z and Eminem. Let them tell you the story of the music  and pass it on to your children who will no doubt appreciate it now and respect it later.

Good…so now you have what you need in terms of the music…cause Im sure your friends mentioned that Eminem opened the show and during his set he brought out Dr. Dre, 50, D-12…and of course they mentioned that  Jay-Z  brought out Kanye, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Drake, Chris Martin from Coldplay…so unless at some point somebody scrambled on stage and shot the drummer through the heart…no surprises here…as my pal “Country” from England is fond of saying…the music was BRILLIANT!

Walk with me now as I guide you through some of the sights in the stadium that provided an almost perfect backdrop to this HISTORIC  event.
My section (right around where Yankee Nick Swisher patrols…(think front seats on the lower balcony at the Apollo on a grander scale) included white folk that outnumbered the rest of us 20 to 1. One family in particular caught my attention: Mother in her 40′s or so…older father and little Ben (about 12) and little Becky (about 14); before the show started they were sitting there, chit-chatting , eating nachos and stuff…but when Eminem hit the stage, little Ben threw up the hoodie over his head and start spitting everything…word for word. I mean not just spitting… but going in hard…gangsta bumping all up in his sister face and stuff! She was busy taking pictures and clearly annoyed at her little brothers enthusiasm. ..but when Hova came on it was her turn to spaz out…and spaz out she did…word for word…and the mother???…homegirl joined in with everybody…Em, Hova, Dre, 50…word for word…They were so much fun to watch!

Also in my section was the ever present “Leroy”…(a name used by my sons when describing overly ambitious security people)…he was about 150 pounds soaking wet but with the NYC police on hand to back him up…he was large and in charge! Threatened to throw out a few people that he deemed “unruly”…funny thing was…even the police were snickering behind his back. Riot averted. What made Leroy even funnier was in my section, and probably all over the stadium (an open air stadium, mind you)…if you didn’t  get a contact high….you were dead. I guess that slipped right by him. Hilarious!

Prices for refreshments at places like Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium are notoriously high, but it was almost worth paying $8.00 for a beer and $4.00 for a bag of chips to witness the “service with a smile” attitude of the vendors…in this flaky economy they have jobs…AND they get to hear the concert live??!!…how much you wanna bet NOBODY called in sick that night.

Hmmm…I just remembered something else about the atmosphere…there was a thunderstorm before the doors opened….and it cleared. Does that constitute further proof that  Jay-Z has the Devil in his pocket? Jokes people…jokes…I couldn’t resist taking a shot at the illuminati theorists.

I have about five different Jay-Z concerts under my belt now so I have to agree with another friend of mine…hip hop is probably better enjoyed in a smaller, more intimate venue…but I must say that the stadium atmosphere is perfect for theatrics… like the fireworks at the end of Em’s set. Jay-Z has a flair for the dramatic too…his pre-set hype includes a huge clock that reads 10:00 and counts down second by second…with the crowd buzz getting louder and louder until the clock reaches 10 seconds and then the crowd (50 thousand strong) as if on cue starts to count down…ten, nine, eight, seven…at the end of the count the atmosphere is so electric, it feels like the place is gonna explode!

The significance of the location was not lost on Em …he acknowledged that he was happy to be in the Bronx …where hip-hop originated. Nice! Along that same acknowledgment vein…Jay-Z included the late great Guru of Gangstarr fame when he paid homage to those who laid the groundwork. Nice!

Okay….remember earlier…when I told you to pass the concert info on to the young ones…here’s something else they will no doubt appreciate now and respect later:

Like all intelligent royalty Jay-Z leads his kingdom by example…so…how do you see your future???…you wanna rap…you wanna be an astute businessman…wanna be an innovator…do you wanna take care of all you don’t know by surrounding yourself with people who do… you want RESPECT????….


by : peaches from bklyn


One thought on “One never knows….do one?! ~ Fats Waller~

  1. I am always amazed by you, the more I learn about you. I already knew that your love for Hip Hop was genuine, but stories like these allow others to see just how authentic you are. You are most certainly not new to this, but are most definitely TRUE to this! I don’t believe that you were chosen by accident as the winner of the contest – I do believe that many things in life happen “accidentally on purpose”. Those are moments that we are blindly preparing for without knowing it and when we demonstrate that we are ready to receive the manifestation of our efforts, opportunity shows up, knocks on the door and our willingness to answer the call is what will determine whether the door is blocked or opened to us. #NewRules: You got NOW and NEXT and I look forward to seeing your “blowuptuation!”

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